Kathy Duffek, Program Manager, Parents Place, Waukesha WI:
Chuck is one of the most innovative parent educators I know.  He works passionately to share his expertise in an entertaining yet educational manner.  He is dedicated to present every family with the opportunity to build strong, healthy relationships. The insight Chuck shares gives parents a fresh and effective  way of approaching parenting that truly does work.
Tom Weber, former Parent Education Program Coordinator, The Parenting Network, Milwaukee WI:
Over the past several years Chuck Adam has facilitated our “Fireworks–Anger Management” series with great success.  He is sensitive to each person’s needs and accepts each person where they are. The best way to explain this is in the words of the people who have participated in these series.
  • “This has been a wonderful course. I made every class and am sad that it is ending.  Anger used to frighten me, but not any more .  I now know the anger cycle and feel more in control of myself.”
  • “Chuck has helped me to listen first before talking and think before acting.”
  • My relationships with my kids and family has gotten great. I now know how to listen instead of always speaking. I’ve also learned how to express my feelings to them without being so angry.
  • I learned a lot in this class. Has taught me to discipline myself when I need it, and it has also taught me a lot of techniques for my children and their anger. Please keep in touch.
  • I just love Chuck Adam the way he teaches. He makes it easy and simple to understand. Very easy to communicate. I also love that he sends email about parenting tips. I am so glad to join in this course with him
  • Thanks Chuck. You are a great facilitator, really got everyone involved!!
  • I find my self awareness is being challenged with additional comments about listening.
  • I was brought up in a respectful but strict environment. I think the awareness of old vs. new is important based on the way the world is changing and is heading in the right direction of two-way communication as the right way to go.
  • My grandson already noticed that I am listening more and he is asking my opinion of what I think.
  • GREAT CLASS! Things really started to click for me. I felt Chuck presented the material very well. I felt it was direct and informative.
  • By using roll playing, he helped us learn how to speak to children.
  • Coaching real life scenarios, encouraging interactions among the group was very helpful.
  • I thought that the role playing was effective, by listening first, then talking. And he explained different ways to ask things.
  • Chuck knows his stuff!
  • Chuck is a great guy, with a great system. He had wonderful hand-outs and gave great  resource info. Using the white board is good for visuals and seeing the concepts in writing.
  • Excellent! Great class! We did role playing on different techniques and how to interact and communicate with the child,
  • Chuck helped me learn how to have a conversation with my son.