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Parenting Authors: An Old School to New School Continuum

Parenting Authors: An Old School to New School Continuum

At this link, more than two dozen authors of parenting books, and the tiltles of their books, are placed on a 10-point continuum between Old School and New School. This is how I (Chuck Adam) see their parenting philosophy, as well as some characteristics of an Old School and a New School approach to parenting.

Please click on the following link to see a PDF version of the continuum of parenting authors.

Parenting Authors Continuum

Example: At the far left side is Supernanny (Jo Frost), who I see as extremely Old School. At the far right side is Alfie Kohn, who I see as extremely New School.

NOTE: I make no judgment on this chart of the value of these authors’ positions, or their helpfulness to parents. For example, although Supernanny is very Old School, she is also extremely good at it, and has been very helpful to many parents with young, high-energy children.


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