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Chuck’s Relationship Coaching Service

Chuck’s Relationship Coaching Service

How to Be the Best Parent You Can Be

Available to single, married, and separated/divorced parents
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Knowing how to be a parent does not always come easily or naturally, especially if —
  • You were raised by parents who were very controlling or very permissive;
  • Your child is very strong-willed, hyper, uncooperative, resistive, defiant, violent, or depressed;
  • Your partner or your “ex” criticizes or bad-mouths you;
  • Your own parents spoil your kids or interfere with your parenting;
  • Your child acts out at school and the teacher wants you to put a stop to it;
  • You are exhausted, out of ideas, and have found that “nothing works.”
If you are a parent who has run out of ideas about how to help your child do better and maintain your own sanity, coaching might be for you.
Coaching is not therapy. It is an educational process in which parents learn new skills that will both help their child and bring more harmony to the parent-child relationship.
Coaching addresses specific situations and issues that are identified by the parent. It honors the parent’s personal and cultural values and builds on the parent’s strengths and insights about their child. The coach listens, supports, and empathizes with the parent while helping the parent to develop “hypotheses” about the child’s unacceptable behavior that the parent can test for him or herself. The coach provides the parent with new ideas about parenting and parenting techniques, and the parent is free to adopt, experiment with, or reject those ideas.
Benefits of coaching include:
  • Support and encouragement for stressed parents,
  • Impoved parent-child communication and trust,
  • Clearer rules based on agreements,
  • Clearer child understanding of the limits to acceptable behaviors,
  • Stronger child commitment to live up to agreements about acceptable behaviors,
  • Greater cooperation from children with less anger and defiance,
  • More parent consistency with better disipline,
  • Better understanding by parent of child’s problems,
  • Increased options for handling parent-child conflict,
  • Reduced stress for all in the family,
  • More harmony and cooperation between parents and kids,
  • More “quality time” spent together,
  • Less friction, fighting, and arguing,
  • More appreciation of the positive contributions each person makes to the family,
  • More easy-going attitudes in the family.

I work with parents as a coach either at my office in Wauwatosa Wisconsin, or over the phone, depending on distance and the parent’s preference.

Confidentiality is always maintained.

Since coaching is not a mental health profession, it is not covered by insurance, but my rates are very reasonable. My introductory session on the phone is free, and I use it to determine if the parent and I think coaching would address his or her needs. The parent also uses that session to get a feel for me and my style, and to determine if she or he thinks we would be a good “fit.”
Many of my ideas are posted on this website. Feel free to read and experiment with them. If you are interested in getting more detail, or want help in applying the concepts that I present to your specific situation, give me a call. It never hurts to explore possibilities. And it just might be a turning point in your family’s life.
Call me at 414-778-0634 or email me at to see if coaching could be of help to you.
Chuck Adam, MSW