• Psychotherapist, 1971-2003
  • Parent educator and parent coach, 2004 – present
  • Anger Management educator, coach, 2004 – present
  • Executive Director of a community project Action for Milwaukee Goals 2000, 1983-85
  • Academic specialist, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Center for Urban Community Development, organizing and conducting classes on higher consciousness,1985-1989
  • Director of the Youth Recovery Project in Milwaukee, 1990-95
  • Author, “3 Steps to Parent-Child Harmony” (downloadable from this site)
Life Learnings

My first big life learning:

  • It’s impossible for one person to control another, but
  • Parents spend infinite effort trying to do the impossible, and
  • This Old School approach creates pain.

My second big life learning:

  • Parental power and control is unnecessary,
  • When Old School parenting isn’t working too well,
  • New School parenting is worth a try.

My third big life learning:

  • Parents are the shapers of the next generations,
  • The next generations are the shapers of the future,
  • A kinder, gentler, more loving approach creates harmony.

This website tells what I’ve learned about creating parent-child harmony.