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The Uncontrolled Child — Hand Out set

The Uncontrolled Child — Hand Out set

This handout set contains 40+ pages of notes for my parenting course, “The Uncontrolled Child.” They explain the following key concepts that will help parents better understand their child and use effective tools for improving the child’s behavior:

  • the number one cause of parent-child conflicts,
  • how parents invite these conflicts without realizing it,
  • six different parenting roles,
  • the nine key relationship skills parents need to learn,
  • how to listen and talk to children more effectively,
  • how to conduct a dialogue that reaches an agreement on the child’s right behavior,
  • how to conduct an accountability dialogue when the child breaks his agreement,
  • how to conduct a family meeting for resolving problems,
  • how to teach children self-control, and
  • more.

Hand Outs may be purchased for $3.99, and are downloadable to a place of your choosing on your computer in pdf format. They can be printed out or read directly from the location (directory) on your hard drive where you save them.

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For a detailed presentation of the 9 key relationship skills needed in all healthy adult-adult or parent-child relationships, see the details of my book, 3 Steps to Parent-Child Harmony.


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